Fenna Wenselaar
Audiotour 2016 10.JPG




With some fellow students I developed an audio tour for Unieboek Spectrum. Unieboek Spectrum is a publishing company. Today there is a lot changing in the way we make things public; Unieboek Spectrum felt this as well. Not only they felt that ‘things are changing’, they mainly realized their position is changing because of their turnover. I collaborated with 3 fellow students: Nadine van der Bijl, Twan Eshuis and Job van Rijn. We were asked to create ‘something’ as an answer on the following question: What is our position in the present society? Soon we concluded this question was way to big to answer in 3 months. Therefore we decided to look for a smaller question: ‘the question behind the question’.

To understand this publishing company we attended several meetings and we made observations: writings, photo’s and short films of the building. We got fascinated by their working ‘habitat’ and we found out they had all their own rhythm. We came to think that the ‘answer’ on their question wasn’t too far away: maybe first the mentality of the employees should change a bit, before they can change as a company.

They all loved books and most of them were with the company for years. We realized they couldn’t see the building (full of books and habits) the way we did, as young students visiting the company for the first time. We came to think about the Office (TV series, red.).

We decided to find another way to experience a story. To present our creative proces and thoughts during these 3 months, we developed an audio tour to guide them through their own work places. We shared our thoughts and we opened up a conversation about how to improve their business. Some of our thoughts and experiments are shown on the pictures. Please find the audiotour itself Attached.